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Entertainment Law

Athletes, musicians, songwriters, and artists require more than just their innate talent to achieve long-term success. They need a representative that looks out for their best interests — personally and professionally. Too often, creative and talented individuals leave money on the table, pass up lucrative opportunities, or get taken advantage of because they don’t have representation guiding them in the right direction.

Our firm provides comprehensive representation for creative and talented individuals in student athletics, professional athletics, and the entertainment industry.

Musicians, songwriters, and performing artists: Our firm is a strong advocate for musicians. Whether you’re a songwriter, performing artist, or both, our firm is capable to providing practical legal representation to protect and grow their creative works. Typical services include recording contracts, publishing contracts, licensing contracts, intellectual property (copyright) protection, management contracts, among many others.

Student athletes and professional athletes: In June 2021, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed an executive order allowing student athletes to enter into contracts for endorsements and hire professional representation to manage their name, image, and likeness (NIL). Subject to a some restrictions, students athletes will be able to profit from their NIL without fear of punishment from their college/university. Previously, student athletes were strictly prohibited from engaging in NIL activities. Now, student athletes can attend college and excel in their sport while making a potentially generous living from their own NIL. Our firm advocates for not only student athletes, but also professional athletes.