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The Life-Preserving Criminal Defense Needed For Drug Charges

Drug charges have far-reaching, lifelong consequences. A drug conviction can affect your career, college plans, parenting and housing. Do not take your chances and hope for the best. Law enforcement and the prosecution will work together to get a conviction. You need a defense attorney who is dedicated to preserving your freedom and your future. At The Stavroff Law Firm, I offer proven, one-on-one criminal defense.

Types Of Drug Charges I Represent

As an attorney who handles criminal charges of several types, it’s likely that I would be a good choice for your issue. There are a few charge types I tend to take more than others. These include:

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Misappropriating or mislabeling prescriptions
  • Marijuana/cannabis in large amounts/distribution
  • Drug trafficking charges at the state level and at the federal level

Drug crimes have serious consequences. If you are convicted your present situation will likely include jail or prison time. Felony convictions can negatively impact your ability to get a job, maintain your career, stay in school, get housing, vote, own a firearm and even parent your kids.

As a former prosecutor for the Columbus City Attorney’s Office, I have a profound understanding of how our criminal justice system works from the other side. I know how the prosecution thinks, which tactics they can use and which they cannot. I also know what it takes to create an air-tight case. In my work as a criminal defense attorney, I pull from this compendium of knowledge to pick apart the state’s case against you.

In all cases, I work to get the charges against you significantly reduced or dismissed. I will challenge the evidence and work with you to always be one step ahead.

Dedicated Defense For High-Stakes Charges

With any serious drug charge it’s far too risky to defend yourself. Secure the assiduous criminal defense you deserve. Call me, attorney Jeffrey Stavroff, at 614-964-5390 to arrange a consultation. You can also reach me via my online inquiry form.