Have you been charged?

Being charged with a criminal offense can happen to both individuals and companies. The Stavroff Law Firm handles a wide range of criminal defense matters in Ohio's state and federal courts. Penalties for criminal offenses could include fines, restitution, and incarceration, among other conditions ordered by the court. 

If you've been charged with ANY of the following, we can help.

  • Arson and Criminal Damaging offenses

  • Burglary and Trespassing offenses

  • Conspiracy, Complicity, and Attempt offenses

  • Disorderly Conduct offenses

  • Drug offenses

  • Federal Investigations and offenses

  • Federal Central Violations Bureau Offenses (Petty Offenses)

  • Fraud Offenses

  • Obstruction of Justice Offenses

  • Public Corruption Offenses

  • Robbery and Theft Offenses

  • Sex Offenses

  • Underage Drinking Offenses

  • Violent Offenses

  • Weapons Offenses