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About Me, Attorney Jeff Stavroff

When it comes to attorneys, it is wise not to paint with a broad brush. While some of us may practice in the same area of law, we all bring different experiences, passions and skills to the table.

Hello. Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to find out more about me. I hope you find this information useful. We might even find that we have more things than Columbus, Ohio, in common.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I am the owner and managing attorney of The Stavroff Law Firm. I’m located in the historic Brewery District. You can read more about my background on this link below:

Jeffrey Stavroff


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My Education And Passion For Music

I was an avid student of bass guitar performance and music business management at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts. My experience and education translated into a career in music publishing with record labels. Working with artist ownership and copyright, I was inspired to attend law school. So I returned to Columbus, worked on the Law Review Executive Board, achieved my law degree and graduated with honors from Capital University Law School. I believe this versatility grants me a broader perspective. It is what sets me apart and is also the well from which I draw my creative problem-solving ability.

My Legal Background And Current Practice

I came to understand the legal process when I worked as a prosecuting attorney in the Columbus City Attorney’s Office. There I served in both the trial unit and the domestic violence unit. I’ve also spent years as a criminal defense attorney; I represented clients charged with anything from traffic violations to major felony offenses. This prepared me for the drug crimes and white collar criminal defense work I do today.

I now also represent people and organizations in a wide variety of business matters, ranging from simple contracts and business formation, to complex trademark registrations and ensuring compliance with liquor licensing laws. I leverage my diverse experience to provide you with the litigation and transactional services you need to avoid pitfalls and successfully overcome obstacles and challenges. I also am chief legal officer and general counsel for two local businesses.

Let’s Meet To Discuss Your Issues And How I Can Help

Our lives, our careers and our interactions with the law are all connected. My diverse experience affords me a rather unique ability to handle these intersections with relative ease. Have a business or legal issue you need advice on or representation with? Let’s meet and discuss how I can help. Call my firm at 614-964-5390 or start the conversation online. I’m dedicated to helping you avoid negative consequences so that you are able to move steadily forward.