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My firm takes the stress out of legal-related matters for business owners, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Providing Business Law Services And Criminal Defense Representation For Clients In Columbus And Central Ohio.

My Focus Areas

Services Overview

Services Overview

Business Formation And Organization

Business Formation and Organization

White Collar Criminal Charges

White Collar Criminal Charges

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense

Drug Crimes

My Experience Puts My Clients At An Advantage

Legal problems can often spell trouble for business owners. A criminal conviction can create issues in obtaining legal representation down the road or can present difficulties when complying with government regulations or applying for useful grants or loans.
At The Stavroff Law Firm, I’m not afraid – I know I can help you. My name is Jeff Stavroff and I have worked as a prosecuting attorney in the Columbus City Attorney’s Office, serving on both the trial and violence units. Having this experience and knowledge, I know what to expect and how to create a strategic approach to your legal matter. I am straightforward, client-focused and driven to protect the rights of business-minded people.

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Diverse Legal Concerns I Handle

I handle a wide range of business issues, from simple contracts and business formation to complex trademark registrations and compliance with liquor licensing laws. Also, I am a legal advocate for business owners who may have criminal defense issues, including DUI/DWI, drug violation, trafficking, misappropriating or mislabeling prescriptions, and federal crimes.
I am an aggressive yet professional attorney who can represent you or your business, inside or outside the courtroom. Criminal defense and business transactional law are all I do, and I care about helping you find a resolution that fits your unique needs.

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